Here are some links to local and national government resources for Massachusetts car seat laws. Children under 8 (unless he or she is 4′-9″ tall) must travel in a child safety restraint. The law does not specify beyond that, though. That means following the instructions on your car seat or booster seat is important. See the links below for information on best practices.

In Massachusetts, kids 12 and under must at least use a seat belt. Police officers can pull you over if they see that a child is not properly restrained.

If you have questions about car seat or booster seats, you can call Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Information Line CPS Information Line: 1- 877-392-5956.

State Resources for Massachusetts Car Seat Laws A very informative PDF brochure that includes the Massachusetts car seat laws and fine, the 4 stages of child passenger safety seats, and other safety tips. – This is the home page of the Child Passenger Safety (CPS) program in Massachusetts. Here you will find pages of information on selecting and installing car seats, check-up events, the law in Massachusetts, winter safety tips, and more.

Executive Office of Public Safety ( – A page listing car seat inspection stations in English

Executive Office of Public Safety ( – A page listing car seat inspection sites in Spanish – A PDF covering booster seat frequently asked questions.

Massachusetts General Hospital – This article covers child restraint safety guidelines from the American Acadamy of Pediatrics. It features common questions answered by the head of the pediatrics department at Mass General.

Buckle Up Boston – This page covers the 4 stages of car seat and booster seat use. It also has a phone number for those in the Boston area to call to schedule a car seat or booster seat installation inspection.

Concord Police  – The town of Concord has a page on their site dedicated to child seat safety. It includes a best practices section and a link to schedule a car seat or booster seat safety check.

National Resources for Massachusetts Car Seat Laws  – U.S. Department of Transportation / National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website – The NHTSA publishes this site. Parents Central is the child safety section. This is a great info packed site, so if you have questions about almost anything related to car seats or booster seats, definitely check this one out. – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, child safety page – A global organization about keeping children safe, especially from preventable injuries or fatalities. Their site includes tips on car seat choice and car seat inspection events, among other things.