Here are some links to trusted local and national resources for Alaska car seat laws. It’s especially important here to read and understand the manufacturer recommendations of your car seat or booster seat. Following that information is included in the requirements of the child restraint law in Alaska. Being familiar with the regulations of the US Department of Transportation will also be helpful. See the link below.

One surprising component of Alaska’s law is that it applies to limousines, taxis, and rental cars. They encourage travelers to bring their own car seats and booster seats from home. It’s possible that you can rent them at car rental places. But you never know if they’ve kept up with recalls, or if they will have the type of seat that’s best for your child.

State and National Resources for Alaska Car Seat Laws

Alaska Child Passenger Safety Coalition‘s website is a fantastic resource with several pages of information. This includes tips on choosing and installing car seats and booster seats, Alaska visitor car seat information, a recall list, car seat check events list, and frequently asked questions.

State of Alaska Department of Public Safety – Alaska car seat laws

Alaska Highway Safety Office – scroll down to see photos of proper seatbelt use with and without a booster seat. Plus, at the bottom of the page is a list of regional car seat check up event coordinating partners.  – U.S. Department of Transportation / National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website – Also known as Parents Central, this is the child safety section of the website, published through the NHTSA. This is an awesome info packed site, so if you have general questions, definitely stop here. – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, child safety page – A global organization all about keeping kids safe, especially from preventable injuries or fatalities. Their site includes tips on car seat choice and car seat inspection events, among other things.