What is the Wyoming car seat law? I did some digging and found out that it’s called the Child Safety Restraint Act. As far as I can tell, it was last updated in 2009.

The Wyoming car seat laws state that kids under 9 years old must ride in a federally approved child safety seat in the back seat. The manufacturer’s directions must be followed when installing the seat in the vehicle, and when securing a child in the safety seat.

This regulation is a little unusual since most states only require kids to use safety seats until their 8th birthday. It’s also unusual in that it doesn’t specify ages, heights, or weights when a child should transition from each type of car seat (rear facing, front facing with 5 point harness, booster seat).

The car seat law in Wyoming refers parents and guardians to car seat instructions. These instructions will include a minimum weight and height as well as a maximum weight and height for safe use.  Make sure to read all the information that comes with your car seat, so you know how to install the car seat, and how to safely strap in your child.

If your child can wear an adult seat belt properly and comfortably for the whole ride, this is allowed, even if your child is less than 9 years old. Usually, kids are about 4′-9″ (57″) tall.  Check out the bottom of the Safety Fact Sheet below for  proper seat belt fit tips.


In Wyoming, all passengers must buckle up. The seat belt law here is a secondary law, which means vehicles can’t be pulled over just for this. Infractions of the seat belt law carry a separate fine.

Child Passenger Safety Fact Sheet

I found a PDF called Child Passenger Safety Fact Sheet that references 2005. It states that the Wyoming car seat law:

  • applies to all private passenger vehicles
  • is a primary law (which means police can pull you over if they suspect your kids aren’t properly restrained)
  • applies to residents and non-residents
  • $60 fine for the first offense, $110 fine for second or later offenses

I can’t verify when this PDF was created, other than a reference to the fines being updated in 2005. I found the Wyoming statute  (31-5-1301) in two databases, and they both match. The fines listed in the statute are $50 for first offense and $100 for subsequent offenses. There’s no amendment to raise them to what’s indicated on the fact sheet.

Also, I can’t verify in the statute that the Child Safety Restraint Act is a primary law. And neither the PDF or the statute says anything about whether the law applies to taxis or other ride share services.

If you are aware of more recent updates to the Wyoming car seat law, please let me know so I can keep this page current.

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