New Mexico car seat law is unique in that it has two parts: criteria based on age (without reference to weight) and criteria based on weight (without reference to age).

Age requirements state that infants under 1 year old must ride in a rear facing infant seat. Toddlers from age 1 through age 4 must ride in a forward facing seat. Kids age 5 and 6 must travel in a booster seat, as well as any kids under 13 who don’t yet properly fit a seat belt.

Weight requirements, without an age limit, state that children under 40 pounds must ride in a car seat appropriate for their weight (according the manufacturer’s recommendations). Children under 60 pounds must travel in a booster seat or other car seat (like a forward facing seat) as appropriate for their weight.

In New Mexico, all kids under 18 are required to buckle up. (All adults are, too, but that’s covered under the seat belt law.) The penalty for car seat law violations includes a fine and driver’s license points.

Refer to the links below for additional information. The link has a short list of questions to help you determine if your child can correctly wear a seat belt and graduate out of a booster seat.

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