Here are a few links to Mississippi car seat laws and booster seat laws. In this state, kids under 4 must ride in a safety seat. Kids under 7 must ride in a booster seat, unless he or she is already 4′-9″ (57″) tall AND weighs at least 65 pounds. Use both the lap belt and the shoulder belt with a booster seat to prevent injury.

Safety experts recommend keeping kids in car seats until they outgrow them according to the manufacturer instructions. This includes using a booster seat until an adult seat belt fits correctly. Usually, kids are at least 8 years old, 4′-9″ tall, and weigh 80-100 pounds.

Resources for Mississippi Car Seat Laws

Mississippi State Department of Health – car seat and booster seat laws – PDF poster – Seat belt, car seat, and booster seat laws and fine – 1 page PDF

Mississippi State Department of Health – Car safety seat recommendations*            *This page has a phone number at the bottom for information on car seat installation education clinics for parents and car seat inspection information.

National Resources for Mississippi Car Seat Laws  – U.S. Department of Transportation / National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website – Also known as Parents Central, this is the child safety section of the website, published through the NHTSA. This is an awesome info packed site, so if you have general questions, definitely stop here. – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, child safety page – A global organization all about keeping kids safe, especially from preventable injuries or fatalities. Their site includes tips on car seat choice and car seat inspection events, among other things.